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Des Moines Tree Trimming


As trees grow, they need direction. This may be in the form of trimming, thinning, or removing limbs completely. The Des Moines tree team professionals, Xtreme Tree Inc. are licensed experts and have specialized training and equipment. We can provide a wide range of affordable tree services such as tree trimming, tree pruning, and emergency services.


Trimming enhances the presentation and value of grounds and landscaping, but the attention is more than corrective.


Proper trimming of trees is important because it:

  • Removes weak, dead, storm damaged, diseased, or intrusive branches

  • Trains the growth patterns of younger trees

  • Minimizes the risk of storm damage

  • Provides clearance for drives, footpaths, pavements, buildings, and electrical lines 


On mature trees, trimming is required to remove dead and dying branches to maintain the health of a mature tree and also the safety of homes and persons. Trimming is a type of cleaning for trees and maintenance.  An Xtreme Tree arborist has training and experience to evaluate whether a mature tree needs to be trimmed. Trimming a tree should be completed on the outer portions of the tree, leaving as many branches on the inside of the treen as possible. In some instances, the inner portion of some other branches may need removal to improve the tree's growth, to remove conflict with buildings or other objects, and to accommodate for other weaknesses that may be visible.


Lower branches may require trimming as well. Lower branches are trimmed or completely removed to raise the tree up. This allows light in for other plants to grow as well and to clear line of sight for traffic.  The Des Moines tree specialists, Xtreme Tree arborists are trained to evaluate the condition of your trees and determine the type(s) of trimming required to adjust your goals and those of the strength and safety of the trees.



Trimming of young trees is needed as much as the trimming of mature trees. If you ever look in forest preserves you might notice how none of the trees grow straight up, they are all searching for the most access to the sun.  Trimming a younger tree enables the tree to grow the strongest trunk.  We maintain the best shape of the young tree for future growth and longevity. 

We remove non-productive branches.  It is preferable to make any necessary structural trimming to young trees, rather than removing large, poorly placed branches from mature trees.



Crown and canopy thinning

Crown canopy lifting

Directional or formative trimming

Vista trimming

Crown reduction






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